MUFE Artistic essentials tin

I have never been one to brave the Boxing Days Sales in town, so when this Boxing Day rolled around, I snuggled up on my boyfriend’s office chair and browsed and perused to see what I could get.

One of the steals of my haul was this Make Up For Ever Artistic Essentials kit. I’ve never owned anything from MUFE, and so in my head the brand screams absolutely luxury. When I saw this kit on sale for just £21 (!!) it was straight in my basket. Because I’ve never tried anything from there, it would be daft of me to just throw a bunch of money at the brand and not know what sort of quality I’m getting, so I’m always glad of these mini kits around Christmas time to help me make my mind up about what to buy. I’ve tried to include links to individual products should you want to buy them.


This little bugger is the bane of my life. Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing, it’s really black and it has almost a gel like formula, meaning it’s really easy to use and glides over the waterline and tightline beautifully. It just doesn’t come off. This little bastard took about 4 makeup wipes to come just halfway off, and another 3 scrubs the next day so that I didn’t go into work looking like a meth head. Saying that, I really do like this little guy, and he’ll definitely become a firm favourite of mine in 2017.


I was quite happy to see this in here, as if you read my last post, you’ll see that a high end base is important to me. I’ve not given this a good proper go yet, but the swatches I made (can you swatch a see through product?!), proved it to be oh so soft and silky, so hopefully it will help me create that flawless base that everyone craves. I’d be interested to see if this can be doubled as a moisturiser also, as I do tend to get dry patches around my nose that poke through after a long day of makeup. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me do a full in-depth review soon!


Next up is the product that I think MUFE are most famous for, and that is their HD Powder. This teeny tiny tub of it was my main focus for buying this kit, because there’s just so much hype and I can’t justify spending £22 on it!Again, this isn’t something I have properly used, but I did dip my finger in and oh my god it feels like you’re touching air, it’s that soft. This will be perfect for setting my under eye and around my nose, which is where my makeup fades the fastest. Who knows, maybe I’ll get in to baking my face? (Probs not, still don’t get it.)


Ok, I’ve not actually worn this on my lips yet, but good god I am not going to get on with this product. I was so hoping it would be a liquid lipstick, but it’s actually just the stickiest lipgloss in the world. The Plexi-Gloss is teeny tiny again, but I honestly think it will last me forever. I cannot hack the feeling of sticky lips (gross) so this will either be going in the bin or to a friend. Shame, because it’s beautiful, but thanks no thanks. Sorry Plexi-Gloss, it’s not me, it’s you.

You can still buy this kit at Debenhams online, and personally I would say go for it, because you really do get a lot for your money.  Have you ever tried anything from MUFE? What are your thoughts? Favourite products? Let me know below!


L-R: Rimmel Stay Matte, MUA Pro-Base, Maybelline Matte Maker, Kiko Soft Light Powder

L-R: Rimmel Stay Matte, MUA Pro-Base, Maybelline Matte Maker, Kiko Soft Light Powder

Hey guys! I never used to be too bothered by powder, I’d just slick on some concealer and be done with it. When I was much younger I’d use in in place of foundation and pretended that it looks the same (hah!). However, when I started University, my skin started to get much more oily, and I found that my usual makeup regime would leave me looking like a big greaseball. Something had to change. So over the past 4 years I built up a little collection of pressed powders, and these are the 4 that have made the cut!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – £3.99

This was a game changer for me. The powder is very fine, and as the shade i use is “Translucent”, it mattifies me without changing the colour of my foundation. At under a fiver, this is the one I reach to for everyday use.

MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal – £4

When I got this, I was a bit disappointed because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. the coloured segments do not cover my dark circles or alleviate redness – but it does give a subtle glow perfect for the working week. The powder is almost silver when swirled together, an it get for giving a touch of illumination over my foundation.

Maybelline Matte Maker – £3.99

This is the only one I’ve hit pan on, which is surprising because this is the one I use the least. This is no fault of the product though. It’s pretty much the same as the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, but more full coverage. My only issue is that it’s a tad dark, and given that I am Queen of the Ghost People, it’s only really suitable for nights out and the height of summer.

Kiko Soft Light Powder – £11.90

This one has a bit of a cheeky name I think – remind you of anything massively popular? This is a pressed powder that swatches very thick but can be blended on to the face to give a gorgeous glow. The yellow colour is perfect for my skin tone and it hods tiny particles of micro glitter for that reflective, radiant look. Definitely worth the money in my opinion!

What pressed powders are you using? Let me know below!