MUFE Artistic essentials tin

I have never been one to brave the Boxing Days Sales in town, so when this Boxing Day rolled around, I snuggled up on my boyfriend’s office chair and browsed and perused to see what I could get.

One of the steals of my haul was this Make Up For Ever Artistic Essentials kit. I’ve never owned anything from MUFE, and so in my head the brand screams absolutely luxury. When I saw this kit on sale for just £21 (!!) it was straight in my basket. Because I’ve never tried anything from there, it would be daft of me to just throw a bunch of money at the brand and not know what sort of quality I’m getting, so I’m always glad of these mini kits around Christmas time to help me make my mind up about what to buy. I’ve tried to include links to individual products should you want to buy them.


This little bugger is the bane of my life. Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing, it’s really black and it has almost a gel like formula, meaning it’s really easy to use and glides over the waterline and tightline beautifully. It just doesn’t come off. This little bastard took about 4 makeup wipes to come just halfway off, and another 3 scrubs the next day so that I didn’t go into work looking like a meth head. Saying that, I really do like this little guy, and he’ll definitely become a firm favourite of mine in 2017.


I was quite happy to see this in here, as if you read my last post, you’ll see that a high end base is important to me. I’ve not given this a good proper go yet, but the swatches I made (can you swatch a see through product?!), proved it to be oh so soft and silky, so hopefully it will help me create that flawless base that everyone craves. I’d be interested to see if this can be doubled as a moisturiser also, as I do tend to get dry patches around my nose that poke through after a long day of makeup. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me do a full in-depth review soon!


Next up is the product that I think MUFE are most famous for, and that is their HD Powder. This teeny tiny tub of it was my main focus for buying this kit, because there’s just so much hype and I can’t justify spending £22 on it!Again, this isn’t something I have properly used, but I did dip my finger in and oh my god it feels like you’re touching air, it’s that soft. This will be perfect for setting my under eye and around my nose, which is where my makeup fades the fastest. Who knows, maybe I’ll get in to baking my face? (Probs not, still don’t get it.)


Ok, I’ve not actually worn this on my lips yet, but good god I am not going to get on with this product. I was so hoping it would be a liquid lipstick, but it’s actually just the stickiest lipgloss in the world. The Plexi-Gloss is teeny tiny again, but I honestly think it will last me forever. I cannot hack the feeling of sticky lips (gross) so this will either be going in the bin or to a friend. Shame, because it’s beautiful, but thanks no thanks. Sorry Plexi-Gloss, it’s not me, it’s you.

You can still buy this kit at Debenhams online, and personally I would say go for it, because you really do get a lot for your money.  Have you ever tried anything from MUFE? What are your thoughts? Favourite products? Let me know below!


what i got for christmas


I’m at that age now where most of my Christmas presents come in the form of money which goes on to be spent on very boring things like bills and rent. I’m also at that age where Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about family and food and seeing the look on my family’s face when they unwrap their presents. Mostly, my Christmas presents are little tokens, things I need or something to add to my ever growing makeup collection – and for these, I am so, so grateful.

Bonus puppy picture; he didn't like me ignoring him to take pictures!

Bonus puppy picture; he didn’t like me ignoring him to take pictures!

From my mum and dad, I got the biggest, fluffiest dressing gown in the world (not pictured), it’s something I’ve wanted all year and just ever got round to it. With me working full time and A working weird patterns of 12 hour shifts, my parents knew that we’d been struggling managing our meals properly, so they got me a recipe book with hundreds of recipes only including 4 ingredients. I love expanding my cooking repertoire, so recipe books are always my fave! They also got me the Benefit Real Cheeky Party set, which contains 4 blushers, Hoola bronzer, the They’re Real eyeliner and mascara mini’s, and a sample of Watts Up highlighter. Again, not pictured, but my lovely sister got me a gift card for Boots, again, to add to my expanding makeup collection!

Christmas haul boxing day haul

I was a lucky bug from A this year as well, he’s bought me a Glossybox subscription! I’ve wanted a beauty box subscription for ages but never wanted to part with the cash, so this was very welcomed. He also got me (not pictured) the cutest little Dancing Groot from The Guardians of The Galaxy. We agreed not to do much for Christmas this year because we’re saving for a mortgage, and we’ve planned about 5000 holidays for next year already (slight exaggeration).

lush close up

From A’s Mum and Stepdad, I got some awesome little cupcake moulds with silicone lid, so I can make pastry bowls and cake bowls (a bonus because A actually ruined my cupcake tray!). They also got me a little light that goes in the bath and turns it into a disco ball! I’m really excited to use this in with one of the Lush bath bombs I bought myself, I’m such a sucker for pretty colours. From A’s sister and her fiance, I was given the Yankee Candle set pictured, anyone who knows me knows I love candles, so the more the merrier! They also gave me one of those foundation compacts with all the colours in it, which I’ve not given a good go yet, but once I’ve finished my Bourjois Healthy Mix, I’m really looking forward to trying it! A’s Dad was super generous, and got us gift cards for Pizza Hut (he knows us too well) and Odeon (again, too well.) That’s date night sorted for the foreseeable future!

christmas boxing day haul

Moving on to the boxing day sales, I definitely treated myself! Me and my sister headed over to the nearby Warrington Golden Square, where the first stop was Primark. I picked up a bunch of essentials, a gorgeous new handbag and some other bits and pieces, and moved on to Lush. Their Christmas stock was 50% off, so I picked up Lush Christmas Pud, Butterbear and the star one (I’m rubbish with names!). I also bought myself the Bareminerals Well Rested powder (which is amazeballs) a Soap and Glory Giftset, and this years cream of the crop, Smashbox palettes! I got one of their online exclusives, a trio of Art.Love.Colour palettes. Each palette has 2 eye looks and a blusher, a mixture of matte and shimmers, and they are amazing. And then there’s the travel sized Full Exposure palette, which is teeny tiny, but definitely worth the price tag.


So there we have it! I spent way too much money, and I was gifted some lovely presents from my lovely family and friends. What did you get for Christmas?