B. Skin Phase 1

As I’ve got older, I’ve started to become conscious of taking care of my skin and combating the effects of ageing before they truly set in. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to skincare, I literally need someone else to tell me what I need to do, so I was happy to see that B. Skincare had age specific ranges available. I am still a baby at 24 (and no one can tell me otherwise!), so I opted for the B. Skin Phase 1 Line.

My skin is combination; oily around the forehead and jawline, dry around the nose, and I do have some problems with redness and dull skin. The Superdrug website claims that this range focuses on moisturising and boosting radiance, which, aside from the oiliness (which I can live with) covers all my bases. Lets get in to the products!

B. Treated Blemish Gel – £6.99

This is similar to one of those blemish sticks everyone used to use in the early 2000’s, but in gel form. It’s a teeny 15ml tube, and I jut apply this to any breakout areas with a clean finger. It uses Salicylic Acid to reduce the redness, but Hyaluronic acid to prevent it from drying out the skin too much. Personally I do find it quite drying, but as most of my blemishes appear around my chin and jawline, I don’t mind that too much.

B. Confident Day Cream – £9.49

This is a bit of a strange one – it’s a moisturiser but reminds me so much of Sudocream? Probably just in looks because once you start to rub it in it is really smooth and sinks in to the skin quickly. I use this in the morning after the Blemish Gel and before the Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz, and I’ve noticed that my base makeup doesn’t cling as much to the dry skin around my nose. It has SPF 15 to prevent against those nasty UV rays, which is always an added bonus.

B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz – £7.99

I love facial sprays, so when I saw this I knew I’d love it. Again, the Hyaluronic Acid is very moisturising, and the spray itself is very misty, meaning I only use one or two sprays for my whole face. I use this after moisturising and before primer to make my skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

B. Skin Phase 1

B. Confident Moisture Gel & B. Confident Day Cream

B. Confident Moisture Gel – £9.99

Ok, so this is definitely my favourite thing in the whole range. This is possibly the most luxurious thing I have ever put on my face. I use this turquoise gel in the evening after cleansing, and it honesty makes my skin feel amazing. It plumps the skin, and makes me look super glowy. Containing Persian Silk Tree extract, it adds radiance to my skin and gets rid of the dullness that can occur after a full makeup day. If you buy one thing from this range, buy this.

B. Confident Night Serum – £9.49

This goes on my face last, after I’m fully cleansed and moisturised. This is just another moisturiser, but I plop this under my eyes only to act as a nighttime eye cream. It claims to moisturise for 12 hours, which I haven’t necessarily noticed, but I do see less eye baggage when I wake up after using this.

B. Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel – £7.99

This last product in’t actually in the Phase 1 range, but rather in their “All” Phase. I also haven’t tried this yet, but it says you’re supposed to use two or three times a week, and that it’s suitable for all skin types. The glycolic acid acts as an exfoliator, and this product comes with a muslin cloth to polish the peel away, and boosts radiance t the skin. Needless to say, I am excited for this one!


Have you tried any of the B. Skin Phase 1 range? Would you like to see my full skincare routine? Let me know!


Love Hannah





You can shop the B. Skin Phase 1 Collection here, and it’s currently Buy One Get On Free!


MUFE Artistic essentials tin

I have never been one to brave the Boxing Days Sales in town, so when this Boxing Day rolled around, I snuggled up on my boyfriend’s office chair and browsed and perused to see what I could get.

One of the steals of my haul was this Make Up For Ever Artistic Essentials kit. I’ve never owned anything from MUFE, and so in my head the brand screams absolutely luxury. When I saw this kit on sale for just £21 (!!) it was straight in my basket. Because I’ve never tried anything from there, it would be daft of me to just throw a bunch of money at the brand and not know what sort of quality I’m getting, so I’m always glad of these mini kits around Christmas time to help me make my mind up about what to buy. I’ve tried to include links to individual products should you want to buy them.


This little bugger is the bane of my life. Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing, it’s really black and it has almost a gel like formula, meaning it’s really easy to use and glides over the waterline and tightline beautifully. It just doesn’t come off. This little bastard took about 4 makeup wipes to come just halfway off, and another 3 scrubs the next day so that I didn’t go into work looking like a meth head. Saying that, I really do like this little guy, and he’ll definitely become a firm favourite of mine in 2017.


I was quite happy to see this in here, as if you read my last post, you’ll see that a high end base is important to me. I’ve not given this a good proper go yet, but the swatches I made (can you swatch a see through product?!), proved it to be oh so soft and silky, so hopefully it will help me create that flawless base that everyone craves. I’d be interested to see if this can be doubled as a moisturiser also, as I do tend to get dry patches around my nose that poke through after a long day of makeup. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me do a full in-depth review soon!


Next up is the product that I think MUFE are most famous for, and that is their HD Powder. This teeny tiny tub of it was my main focus for buying this kit, because there’s just so much hype and I can’t justify spending £22 on it!Again, this isn’t something I have properly used, but I did dip my finger in and oh my god it feels like you’re touching air, it’s that soft. This will be perfect for setting my under eye and around my nose, which is where my makeup fades the fastest. Who knows, maybe I’ll get in to baking my face? (Probs not, still don’t get it.)


Ok, I’ve not actually worn this on my lips yet, but good god I am not going to get on with this product. I was so hoping it would be a liquid lipstick, but it’s actually just the stickiest lipgloss in the world. The Plexi-Gloss is teeny tiny again, but I honestly think it will last me forever. I cannot hack the feeling of sticky lips (gross) so this will either be going in the bin or to a friend. Shame, because it’s beautiful, but thanks no thanks. Sorry Plexi-Gloss, it’s not me, it’s you.

You can still buy this kit at Debenhams online, and personally I would say go for it, because you really do get a lot for your money.  Have you ever tried anything from MUFE? What are your thoughts? Favourite products? Let me know below!


birthday haul urban decay natural collection mac lipliners lipstick lush smashbox primer sleek


Hey guys! So on Tuesday I turned the ripe old age of 23. A lot of people asked me if I had something fun planned, or what I was going to do. Well…I slept. Like literally all day. If you can’t have afternoon naps when you’re 23, when can you?!

Anyways, on Monday I was heavily armed up with birthday money from my wonderfully generous other half, and headed off to the Trafford Centre with my two sisters.

mac velvet teddy sin

mac lipliner spice cyberworld

Mac was obviously my first stop. In the past few months I’ve sadly misplaced my beloved Velvet Teddy, and was definitely in dire need of a replacement. I picked up a shiny brand new one as well as Sin, a gorgeous blackened red colour that I’ve had my eye on for agessssss. I asked the girl behind the counter for some lipliner options and she very kindly picked out Spice for VT and Cyber World for Sin. Spice is 100% the perfect match, and Cyber World is just a little darker and more purple based than Sin, but still lovely!

natural collection eyeliner miss sporty eyeliner

sleek matte me birthday suit

Next up I jumped in to Boots and picked up some essentials – I’m trying to get in to some other pencil eyeliners that aren’t as harsh as black, so I picked up these Natural Collection pieces in a brown and a grey shade. I also grabbed the Miss Sporty The Miaoww Look eyeliner. I really like the look of this eyeliner, it’s got a very slim nib to help get defined wings – something I definitely struggle with. I also picked up Sleek’s Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit, after reading Kirsty from A Yellow Brick Blog rave about it as a cheaper alternative to Kylie’s Lip Kits. It’s pretty good – it dries to a good matte finish that isn’t too drying, and the colour really is a true nude.

smashbox photo finish primer water

I also grabbed this baby from Boots. After seeing every Youtuber and their mum rave about the Smashbox Primer Water as a base primer, I knew I had to have it as soon as I clocked it. Apparently you can use this after makeup application too, to help lock everything in. I’ve recently been having some issues with making my foundation actually stay on my face, so I’m pretty excited to give this a proper whirl.

lush ultrabland cleanser popcorn lip scrub

Next up was Lush. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but Sister #2 wanted to go in, so I obliged. I’ve always picked up the Ultrabland Cleanser and the always put it back down again, so I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. It’s a semi-solid cleanser that turns in to a cream when rubbed in, and smells delicious! It says it’s gentle on the skin, making it perfect for me! I also picked up the Popcorn Lip Scrub to replace my Bubblegum one – I have to say, I don’t like this taste as much as the Bubblegum, but it does the job all the same.

urban decay x gwen stefani eyeshadow palette limited edition

urban decay x gwen stefani eyeshadow palette inside

And now the pièce de résistance (definitely googled that for spelling!) – I managed to get my hand on the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette. I genuinely thought I’d missed out on this beauty, and I was a teeny bit heartbroken about it – just look at those matte browns and jewel tones! Anyay, we were on our way out of the Trafford Centre and I longingly traipsed past the UD counter and saw it there, in all it’s glory. Well, there wasn’t even a hesitation, I grabbed it, ran to the counter and parted with my pennies. No regret, no buyers guilt, just sheer unadulterated happiness that it is mine. It came with samples of 4 of the lipstick shades, which I don’t know if I’ll use, but it’ll be nice to have them.

So this was technically a “What my Other Half (And Work with the Gift Card Also) Got Me For My Birthday” – but doesn’t a haul have a better ring to it?

I am so so grateful that A let me have free reign of my birthday presents, I’ve managed to get my hands on some lovely things that I wouldn’t have been able to get myself. So yeah, Super Happy Hannah this week.


Peace out guys! xo




smashbox art love colour front
smashbox art love colour back

Throughout 2015, I fell out of love with eyeshadow. I found that I was struggling to find shadows that were easy to blend, lasted longer than 20 minutes or simply just suited me. So, during my Boxing Day online shopping spree, I stumbled on to Smashbox, and found these babies. For £22.99, you get 3 ART.LOVE.COLOUR palettes, each on containing two smokey eye looks and a corresponding blusher.

smashbox art love colour palette 1
smashbox art love colour palette 1 swatches

The palettes don’t actually have individual names, but the first one I picked out of the box was this smokey neutral/taupe palette. This palette has been my go-to choice, because the shades are just so wearable. The shades it includes are;

Marzipan – matter – pale peach
Nude – matte- caramel beige
Java – matte – dark warm brown
Flirt – shimmer – champagne
Bittersweet – shimmer – smokey taupe
Dark Cocoa – matte – very dark, cool toned brown
Flush –  matte – dark coral blush

smashbox art love colour 2
smashbox art love colour palette 2 swatches

Next up is this quirky pinks and purples palette. The colours are;

Babycakes – shimmer – baby pink
Drizzle – matte – smokey lilac
Royal – matte – regal, dark purple
Lavender, a silver shimmery lilac,
Orchid – shimmer – dark purple-taupe
Royal Marine – slight shimmer – deep navy blue
Passion – matte – darker dusky pink

smashbox art love colour palette 3

smashbox art love colour palette 3 swatches

Lastly is the palette I like to call Neutral 2.0. These are all neutral shades, but they’re so unusual and spectacular that they’re just so much better than neutrals.The colours are;

Luster – shimmer – pale orange-pink
Oxidize – shimmer/foiled – deep rose gold
Chianti – glitter – red wine with gold glitter
Nectar – matte – soft peach
Cinnamon Toast – shimmer – classic golf
Roast – slight shimmer – dark coffee with gold shimmer
Sunset – matte – an orange-brown blush

Now, the colour selection is beautiful, that is evident, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of these eyeshadows that I don’t believe I used anything else since they arrived. For some reason, I’ve been using these without a base, and they still last a good 8 hours before they start to fade or budge. I love me a good smokey eye, and these are so smooth and buttery that it only takes about 5 minutes to create a flawless eye look. Each swatch above is just one swipe, so the pigmentation is really top notch.

The packaging is beautiful. Each palette comes in sleek, black hard plastic packaging, with the names of each shadow on the back and a decent sized mirror to help with application. They’re small, so they’re perfect for travelling and I will definitely be taking one of these with me when I go away in February!

I think I’ve been converted to Smashbox eyeshadows. I know own 5 Smashbox palettes, and they really do just stand out above the rest of my eyeshadow collection. I’m not sure if these are sold out now, but if you come across them, or are mulling over any Smashbox eye palette, I’d just like to say do it. The quality and colours are so worth it, and I love to be an enabler!


Do you have any favourite eyeshadow brands? What do you think of Smashbox eyeshadows? Let me know below!



L-R: Rimmel Stay Matte, MUA Pro-Base, Maybelline Matte Maker, Kiko Soft Light Powder

L-R: Rimmel Stay Matte, MUA Pro-Base, Maybelline Matte Maker, Kiko Soft Light Powder

Hey guys! I never used to be too bothered by powder, I’d just slick on some concealer and be done with it. When I was much younger I’d use in in place of foundation and pretended that it looks the same (hah!). However, when I started University, my skin started to get much more oily, and I found that my usual makeup regime would leave me looking like a big greaseball. Something had to change. So over the past 4 years I built up a little collection of pressed powders, and these are the 4 that have made the cut!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – £3.99

This was a game changer for me. The powder is very fine, and as the shade i use is “Translucent”, it mattifies me without changing the colour of my foundation. At under a fiver, this is the one I reach to for everyday use.

MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal – £4

When I got this, I was a bit disappointed because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. the coloured segments do not cover my dark circles or alleviate redness – but it does give a subtle glow perfect for the working week. The powder is almost silver when swirled together, an it get for giving a touch of illumination over my foundation.

Maybelline Matte Maker – £3.99

This is the only one I’ve hit pan on, which is surprising because this is the one I use the least. This is no fault of the product though. It’s pretty much the same as the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, but more full coverage. My only issue is that it’s a tad dark, and given that I am Queen of the Ghost People, it’s only really suitable for nights out and the height of summer.

Kiko Soft Light Powder – £11.90

This one has a bit of a cheeky name I think – remind you of anything massively popular? This is a pressed powder that swatches very thick but can be blended on to the face to give a gorgeous glow. The yellow colour is perfect for my skin tone and it hods tiny particles of micro glitter for that reflective, radiant look. Definitely worth the money in my opinion!

What pressed powders are you using? Let me know below!