bare minerals miracle veil review highlighter shimmer illuminating finishing powder

During my Christmas sales haul, I definitely made the most of the knocked down Christmas beauty bundles at Debenhams and Selfridges. As well as the beautiful MUFE kit that I got, I picked up a cute little Bare Minerals kit, containing an eyeshadow, a lipgloss and the Bare Minerals Miracle Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder. I didn’t pick up this kit for anything in particular, I just wanted to try the brand a bit more, so I didn’t really have any thoughts towards the Miracle Veil, but I was excited to try it nonetheless!

I’ve never really used a “finishing powder”, I’ve always just topped up my makeup with a matte powder of some description. So, given that it’s my first ever finishing powder, I decided to give it a good old college try. I have to say, after a few times of using this, I have some very mixed feelings…

The Good

I was so pleasantly surprised when I first applied this – the glitter content makes it look quite intimidating, but it definitely applies to the face as more of a shimmer. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink colour in the tub, and becomes translucent on the skin. If you’re careful, the overall effect leaves a beautiful, glowy finish without looking like you slapped your makeup on with a trowel. The first few times of trying this out, it lasted all day, and there was very little patchiness.

The Bad

As beautiful as it is, this little bastard is messy. Are all finishing powders like this?! I opened it just now and I could’ve been a magician, going up in a puff of fabulously glittery smoke! I always find it so easy to over-apply Bare Minerals, and this finishing powder is no different. A light hand is a must, but the flawless look is achievable!

bare minerals miracle veil highlighter review swatch illuminating finishing powder

The Ugly

Ok. This is where this review gets weird. Story time! I wore this to work a few weeks ago, and everything was fine and dandy. I walked home on my lunch to grab some stuff, and when I came back, my colleague did a double take at me. As we’re a very close team, naturally I laughed and pulled a face at her, before she explained what she’d seen.

My face has turned green. Green. I looked in a mirror and couldn’t see it, but I grabbed all my unsuspecting colleagues as they walked past and sure enough, each and everyone verified that the skin around my eye sockets had in fact turned green. I was Hulking out. In a panic and unsure what had happened, I grabbed some hand towels and started scrubbing at my face until it had gone. Which it did. For an hour. And then I’m back to being Bruce Banner again.

A bit of research later, and apparently it’s quite common for this colour of cosmetic to do this when you perspire? I’m absolutely gutted because I had so much love for this product in the early days, and now I can only ever wear it in places where I’m guaranteed to not get sweaty…

I’m going to keep hold of this Miracle Veil, because I adore the finish it gives, and I’m hoping and praying that the Hulk out was a one off. I’ll keep testing and will keep you guys in the loop!

Have you ever had a product turn you green?! Is there any way around it?

Love Hannah ♥


The bareMinerals Miracle Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder can be found at Debenhams here.

Does anyone else feel like Max Factor is one of those brands that consistently comes out with good, solid products, but it doesn’t get much airtime in the blogging community?

I got this little beauty in a box of free goodies after spending £15 (ish?) on Max Factor, just after Christmas. I had previously tried a wimpy little sample of it, and couldn’t remember if I enjoyed it, so when I saw the full size was on offer in the goodie box, I chucked a bunch of stuff in my basket to hit the mark.

The Max Factor Facefinity primer focuses mainly on longevity, claiming to “extend the wear of foundation”, and I used it pretty much daily through January.

The product itself comes in a plastic bottle complete with pump to help regulate usage. When I very first used this, it just kind of sprayed a gross milky liquid at me (rude), but after a few shakes of the bottle, the consistency is thicker, softer and in no way sticky – my pet peeve for a primer!

Left: blended Right: not blended

Now, normally I’m very skeptical of primers, because I’ve never found one that does what it claims to. Porefessional by Benefit doesn’t gloss over my pores, the MUFE Step 1 Hydrating Primer doesn’t hydrate me (more on that in a future post!), and because of this I very rarely buy or use primers. But good news; this one actually makes my foundation stay on all day. When I’m stressed at work you’ll often see me with my face in my hands, so even the most long-suffering of my foundations is gone by 3 o’clock. This makes my makeup last much longer than any primer I’ve used before, and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve applied that extra layer, it’s so lightweight and dreamy! The SP20 is of course an added bonus for that harsh Winter sun!

The gold and white packaging is really pretty as well, and makes the Facefinity Primer feel a lot more high end than it’s price tag! I find this best blended in to the face with (clean!) fingers, and a little really does go a long way. Like I said, even after wearing it everyday through January, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of it!

This primer currently retails at Boots for £10.99, but if you’re quick there is a 3 for 2 offer going on at the moment!

Have you ever tried this primer? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!



MUFE Artistic essentials tin

I have never been one to brave the Boxing Days Sales in town, so when this Boxing Day rolled around, I snuggled up on my boyfriend’s office chair and browsed and perused to see what I could get.

One of the steals of my haul was this Make Up For Ever Artistic Essentials kit. I’ve never owned anything from MUFE, and so in my head the brand screams absolutely luxury. When I saw this kit on sale for just £21 (!!) it was straight in my basket. Because I’ve never tried anything from there, it would be daft of me to just throw a bunch of money at the brand and not know what sort of quality I’m getting, so I’m always glad of these mini kits around Christmas time to help me make my mind up about what to buy. I’ve tried to include links to individual products should you want to buy them.


This little bugger is the bane of my life. Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing, it’s really black and it has almost a gel like formula, meaning it’s really easy to use and glides over the waterline and tightline beautifully. It just doesn’t come off. This little bastard took about 4 makeup wipes to come just halfway off, and another 3 scrubs the next day so that I didn’t go into work looking like a meth head. Saying that, I really do like this little guy, and he’ll definitely become a firm favourite of mine in 2017.


I was quite happy to see this in here, as if you read my last post, you’ll see that a high end base is important to me. I’ve not given this a good proper go yet, but the swatches I made (can you swatch a see through product?!), proved it to be oh so soft and silky, so hopefully it will help me create that flawless base that everyone craves. I’d be interested to see if this can be doubled as a moisturiser also, as I do tend to get dry patches around my nose that poke through after a long day of makeup. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me do a full in-depth review soon!


Next up is the product that I think MUFE are most famous for, and that is their HD Powder. This teeny tiny tub of it was my main focus for buying this kit, because there’s just so much hype and I can’t justify spending £22 on it!Again, this isn’t something I have properly used, but I did dip my finger in and oh my god it feels like you’re touching air, it’s that soft. This will be perfect for setting my under eye and around my nose, which is where my makeup fades the fastest. Who knows, maybe I’ll get in to baking my face? (Probs not, still don’t get it.)


Ok, I’ve not actually worn this on my lips yet, but good god I am not going to get on with this product. I was so hoping it would be a liquid lipstick, but it’s actually just the stickiest lipgloss in the world. The Plexi-Gloss is teeny tiny again, but I honestly think it will last me forever. I cannot hack the feeling of sticky lips (gross) so this will either be going in the bin or to a friend. Shame, because it’s beautiful, but thanks no thanks. Sorry Plexi-Gloss, it’s not me, it’s you.

You can still buy this kit at Debenhams online, and personally I would say go for it, because you really do get a lot for your money.  Have you ever tried anything from MUFE? What are your thoughts? Favourite products? Let me know below!


Ok, real talk. You’re here because you love makeup. You love buying makeup. But, everyone likes saving money, and it can be difficult to juggle both. In this post, I’m sharing my tips to saving money when you buy makeup (so that you can spend it on more makeup, of course.)


I’ve put the trickiest one first – sorry. It is so important to decide what products are best to spend the money on on a personal basis. Everyone will be different, so just because so and so on Twitter buys everything high end, it doesn’t mean you have to. For example, I prefer to splash out on my base makeup, because my skin=shit. Higher end foundations and concealers are a must for me, partly because I struggling finding a foundation that stays on my face, and secondly, because I am in fact a ghost. I can never get drugstore foundations to match me. I’ve come close, but usually have to lighten everything with a concealer. The higher end brand colour ranges are far superior to any drugstore brand I’ve ever seen, and so it is a must for me. On the other end of the spectrum, I do not care about spending more money on blushers, mascaras or eyeshadows. I’ve found blushers to be universally good, some of my drugstore brands being favourites over my Benefit blushes. Mascaras are the same, and I’m not a massive eyeshadow wearer – something I want to change in 2017 – so I rarely splash out on them. Find your high end must-haves, and stick to it!


Ok, so this one may not be suitable for everyone, but it is worth checking. My work has very generously set up a rewards system, meaning that I can get money off my shopping and cashback in some stores. These include Amazon, Selfridges, Benefit, Debenhams, Cult Beauty, Boots, Superdrug, Look Fantastic, Fragrance Direct, and the list goes on and on. Some of them are a bit puny – some offering as little as 2% cashback – but others are offering up to 20% off/cashback on certain orders. Like I said, not everyone’s workplace will be offering things like this, and it is more likely that private companies will be offering these, but it is so so so worth checking to see if yours does, or offers any sort of discount with partnering companies. Check! Stop everything and check now!


Boots Advantage Cards. Need I say more? Boots has by far the best Reward Points Cards that I’ve seen, every £1 spent equalling a 4points, and every point equalling 1p. Superdrug’s is a bit meh, it’s only 1 point per £1 spent, and 1 point = 1p to spend, but the plus of the Beautycard is that Superdrug actually offer exclusive lower prices across certain products for members. I definitely use my Advantage Card more, because it’s so easy to rack up the points throughout the year, to splurge on Christmas, or a gift for yourself (that you can’t justify spending money on!)


Free gift offers are probably my favourite way of getting more for my money when buying makeup. Both Superdrug and Boots do these offers, but again, I find Boots’ to be far better. The best ones are things like  “spend £15 on XXX brand and get a free gift.” These can sometimes be a bit poo, and you get a makeup bag or something, but others are amazing and you get a box with 3 full sized products in them! These offers give you far much more bang for your buck, and these offers often apply to skin care and some high end brands too!


If you’ve been in the blogging community for any period of time you’re probably fed up of hearing “shop my stash.” Seriously. But it really is a good philosophy to live by if you’re a bit strapped for cash. There is so much makeup that can be repurposed, saving money on buying something for it’s specified function. Need a lipliner for an ultra dark lipstick? Use an eyeliner. Looking for a really pigmented sparkly gold eyeshadow? I’m sure you have a highlighter you could use. Looking for a funky coloured liquid liner? Have you thought about using your matte liquid lip collection? The list really does  go on.

I hope that these little tips help you save money on make up in the new year, make sure you share your favourite money saving tips below!



2017 Goals

Hello, my name is Hannah, it’s 1st January 2017 and I am a cliché.

I haven’t blogged since April 2016, and if I’m honest, the break has done me the world of good you know? If you look back at this “hiatus” post from March, you’ll see how drastically unhappy I was with the content I was spewing out, as well as trying to juggle this hobby with the rest of my life.

Nothing much has changed. I still have two dogs, I still work full time, my partner still works 12 hour shifts and I still have a house to run. The reason I feel ready to come back to blogging is that I’ve focused the past 8 months on getting my routine down. My house pretty much runs like clockwork now, and the dogs and work fit nicely in to that. This blog once brought me so much joy, and I’d love to get back in to the blogging community and hopefully make something of my little corner of the internet. This is how I plan to do this.


  • I want to be posting about twice a week as standard. This will be one beauty post, and one lifestyle post. These days will most likely be Tuesday and Friday.
  • In addition to the above standard posting days, I want to add a little something different to my blog. If you read a little further down, you’ll see me mention my desire to lose half my body weight. I rejoined Slimming World just before Christmas (brilliant idea, I know) and weigh in on Wednesdays. As such, I’ve come up with the original and witty “Weigh In Wednesday” title for a weekly series. These will just be a little round up of my week, a rough guide meal plan, some foodie pictures and just an all round chat about my attitude towards losing weight.
  • Everyone says that they aren’t in it for the followers, but lets be honest, it does give you that motivational kick up the arse. I currently stand on 326 followers on Bloglovin. By the end of 2017, I would like to be on 700. That’s just over double, I reckon it’s achievable!
  • Twitter – that’s a tricky one. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, sometimes I’m on it always, and then I ignore it for days. I’m at 676, and again, would like to double it to 1350 by the end of the year.
  • Pinterest. Ahh, the elusive Pinterest. If I’m 100% honest, although I love Pinterest, I don’t really know how to use it. I’m going to dig out a guide, but at a measly 25 followers, I’m going to need to really work at this one. Shall we call it 100? I think that’s a good shout.
  • Instagram. Ok, Insta is going to be tricky too. I have 2 at the moment, one for Slimming World, and one for DolledUp. 576 people are following my SW Insta, and a grand total of 0 on my blog account (which I set up 2 days ago and haven’t posted on yet). Let’s call it 1000 on SW and 300 on DolledUp? Yeah? Good.


  • So, as mentioned above, I want to lose weight. Who doesn’t after Christmas?! I want to lose just shy of half of my body weight. I’m not going to give you numbers because I’m actually quite disgusted with myself. I envy those plus sized gals who look great in everything and really own their size. For me, it leads to depressive bouts and looking like a potato. So there we have it. I was a size 8 once, and I will be again. Not by the end of the year, but if I can lose 4 stone this year, I will be the Happiest Hannah that ever was.
  • I want to travel. Since I stopped blogging last year, I’ve travelled a lot – London, Scotland, The Lakes, Cuba, Amsterdam and Budapest, to be exact. I want to keep that up as best I can in 2017. We’re going to Kuala Lumpur and Bali for 14 days in March, and after that, we have nothing booked for the year. I don’t think we’ll go away as much this year as we did last (see below), but another couple of city breaks would be ideal for me.
  • Mortgage. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sick of hearing the words “shouldn’t you be saving for a mortgage?!” every time I buy anything remotely unnecessary. So I’m doing something about it. Well, we are. Me and my partner started saving for a mortgage mid 2016, and by the end of 2017, I’m hoping we have at least 5% for the deposit on a little home of our own.
  •  Lastly, I want to be more mindful. I’ve found myself caring less and less about what other people think of me, and as a result I’ve found myself getting happier and happier. I don’t want to be the doormat who rolls over and gives in rather than face confrontation. I want to happily fight against the things that bring me down. And fight I shall.

And so wraps up my first post of 2017. The whole “New Year, New Me” thing may drive most people insane, but I think that the very first day of the year is as good as any to revamp your life. It gives you a clear reference point when you want to look and see how far you’ve come.

Let me know your goals below, and let’s smash 2017 together!