Beauty Products for Pale Skin

With my Grandmother being a fully fledged Italian, you’d think that a pale skin guide wouldn’t be relevant for me. You’d think that the glorious Italian olive skin tone would have followed through to my generation, at least a little. Or at least passed to her own children. Nope. Neither of her children got that olive glow. One of her grandchildren could pass as maybe Italian. And then there’s me. Pasty as fuck, pretty much a ghost.

pale skin products

Although no where near as tricky as it is for those dark skinned goddesses out there, being a pale girl can come with some shitty drawbacks – lack of suitable drugstore foundations being my pet peeve! So, in the spirit of helping a fellow pale gal out, I’ve brought together my favourite (mostly drugstore) products to keep my pasty self made up!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

Yawn. This concealer sprung in to the spotlight a few years ago thanks to British beauty Youtubers, and as a result, I can never find the shade “Fair” in Boots or Superdrug. Yeah, thanks for that. It means that whenever I see it, I have to buy like 4 to keep me going. Slightly too pink toned for me, but does the trick at covering up blemishes.

L’Oreal True Match Concealer in Ivory

This concealer is far more me, a very pale warm toned product that’s not too thick and actually blends nicely. This find was a godsend to me, because most pale high street concealers seem to be cool toned? What’s that about? We’re not all fuckin’ Snow White! This concealer is quite light coverage, so I use to it highlight my under eyes and nose. 10/10 would recommend.

MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixer in Lightening Warm

This is probably my favourite find of 2017. I rant about high street foundations never being pale enough for me, so this little £4 (yes, £4!) beauty is a lifesaver. I never have to give away an ever-so-slightly-too-dark foundation again. It’s got a similar consistency to most liquid foundations, so I don’t find that it changes the formula, or the finish, of whatever product I’m mixing it with. It’s very lightweight, so I don’t feel like I’ve got extra product on my face either.

Inglot Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder in 503

I’ve had this for nearly 3 years, and this trusty little pan has lasted me so well. I picked it up at an Inglot stand in Portugal, and will be truly heartbroken when it runs out, because Inglot is so hard to get in the UK (?!). 503 is the perfect contour for us pale gals, a fab mix of ashy grey and brown to give that perfect chiseled look. It lasts all day, and like I said, once you’ve got hold of it, you won’t need to consider buying another for a good long while.

L-R; Collection Concealer in Fair, L’Oreal Concealer in Ivory, MUA Foundation Mixer in Lightening Warm, Inglot HD Sculpting Powder in 505, Rimmel Shimmer Brick in 01, Gosh Lumi Drops in Vanilla, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

Rimmel Radiance Shimmer Brick in 01

In my old age, I have accepted my ghostly complexion, and so I don’t usually use bronzer ever much. When I do decide to pick it up, I find that most are too heavy, or too orange, or too jam packed full of really irritating glitter for me to get any use out of. I got this Rimmel Shimmer Brick in the first Asos beauty box, and it is far superior to any “pale girl bronzer” I’ve ever come across. The gradient of colours means you can adjust it to your current skin tone, so for someone who does go darker in the summer, this is spot on. It does contain shimmer, but it’s so fine that it doesn’t distract from the colour. Lastly, it is a very light weight product, and so it’s very difficult to give yourself that muddy look.

Gosh Lumi Drops in Vanilla

I cannot stand liquid highlighters usually, however this really has opened my eyes. Due to my skin type (yay), most liquid products don’t last well on me, so I usually stick to their powder counterparts. That being said, this highlighter is amazing mixed in with foundation. All you need is one or two drops for a radiance boost, and so this teeny bottle should last you a long time.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

The most expensive product on this list, but definitely one of the best, and possibly my most well loved. Lightscapade has an almost translucent base shade, but thanks to the gorgeous swirls of purple, blue and gold, swatches as a gorgeous, glowy, neutral toned highlighter, suitable for all skin undertones. I was pretty much a novice to highlighter when I picked this up, and it’s the one highlighter I always go back to if I’m in doubt of what to wear. With it being Mac, you can count on it being finely milled, and it’s longevity is exactly what you need. This is a perfect everyday highlighter, as it’s so very subtle.


Are any of these your faves? Let me know if I’ve missed anything!



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