2018 Goals – The Year I Fix My Life

That’s a bold statement.

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Well kids, it’s that time of year again where we all make promises to ourselves that we swear will change our lives, but usually only last until January 20th. Cynicism aside, I think New Year Resolutions are a really important thing to do, if done properly, and can help get you in the mindset of turning your life around, or even just making the small changes that you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

This year was a big year for me, in all the wrong ways. My 2017 goals fell by the wayside. I was signed of work, my family has been affected by the big C, we’ve had deaths, fights and fall outs. But here I am, still alive, still kicking, and more determined than ever to smash 2018.

I’ve split this up in to Personal and Blog goals, some are long term, some I’ll manage by June. Enough babbling, get to the post!


  • Weightloss – The age old resolution. I lost about 2 stone this year without really trying, and in 2018, my goal is to lose another 4. Obviously this means ramping up the effort and really knuckling down, but I’ve got a wedding dress to buy in October so I need to get a wriggle on.
  • Mortgage – The one resolution I’ve actually managed to stick to! We have our deposit together, there’s a few bits to get sorted and we should be buying our own little home around June!
  • Career – I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I have to decide what I want to do with it. Do I want to be a professional phone jockey for the rest of my life? Hell no. I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone this year and perhaps changing career paths. Watch this space!
  • Mindfulness – I want to be much more mindful this year, of who I let in my life and the things I share with people. I also want to¬† be more mindful of how I eat, and the products I use on my body, as opposed to just going for the cheap stuff.
  • Wedding – Oh my god, I get married in 18 months. After we’ve set the ball rolling on the house, it’ll be go go go on the planning front. We have to meet our Reverend and start putting deposits down, I need to buy my dress… So much to do, and I’m so excited for it!


  • Posting – I want to be able to consistently post on this blog without falling by the wayside. The first 6 months of 2018 are going to be so busy, so I’m going to set my target at one post a week. I know for some that’s not a lot, but it’s achievable for me. Isn’t that what goals are all about?
  • Connecting – On a good day, the blogging community is a beautiful one to be a part of. I want to take the step of brushing the drama of my Twitter feed away, and start connecting with bloggers who are in this for the business and love of blogging.
  • Monetising – Who doesn’t want more money. If I can turn my little hobby in to a side hustle, it would be amazing for me. A little bit more money for the wedding, or the house, and I believe it will truly help keep me motivated to produce more content I enjoy.
  • Engagement – I’m not going to sit here and bang on about how many followers I want to gain on various social platforms, but I would like to focus more on my engagement. This goes hand in hand with Connecting, but I want to focus on boosting engagement with my blog. Perhaps it’s selfish, but it helps me to want to create more when I know people are reading and enjoying.

My goals this year are simple. I do not want to truly enter adult life, mortgage, husband and all, without some semblance of having my shit together. Simple goals, for me, are the way forward. They’re attainable. Achievable. And I am so ready for the shit that 2018 will inevitably throw at me.

Come at me, 2018.





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