Bare Minerals Miracle Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder | Review and Swatch

bare minerals miracle veil review highlighter shimmer illuminating finishing powder

During my Christmas sales haul, I definitely made the most of the knocked down Christmas beauty bundles at Debenhams and Selfridges. As well as the beautiful MUFE kit that I got, I picked up a cute little Bare Minerals kit, containing an eyeshadow, a lipgloss and the Bare Minerals Miracle Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder. I didn’t pick up this kit for anything in particular, I just wanted to try the brand a bit more, so I didn’t really have any thoughts towards the Miracle Veil, but I was excited to try it nonetheless!

I’ve never really used a “finishing powder”, I’ve always just topped up my makeup with a matte powder of some description. So, given that it’s my first ever finishing powder, I decided to give it a good old college try. I have to say, after a few times of using this, I have some very mixed feelings…

The Good

I was so pleasantly surprised when I first applied this – the glitter content makes it look quite intimidating, but it definitely applies to the face as more of a shimmer. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink colour in the tub, and becomes translucent on the skin. If you’re careful, the overall effect leaves a beautiful, glowy finish without looking like you slapped your makeup on with a trowel. The first few times of trying this out, it lasted all day, and there was very little patchiness.

The Bad

As beautiful as it is, this little bastard is messy. Are all finishing powders like this?! I opened it just now and I could’ve been a magician, going up in a puff of fabulously glittery smoke! I always find it so easy to over-apply Bare Minerals, and this finishing powder is no different. A light hand is a must, but the flawless look is achievable!

bare minerals miracle veil highlighter review swatch illuminating finishing powder

The Ugly

Ok. This is where this review gets weird. Story time! I wore this to work a few weeks ago, and everything was fine and dandy. I walked home on my lunch to grab some stuff, and when I came back, my colleague did a double take at me. As we’re a very close team, naturally I laughed and pulled a face at her, before she explained what she’d seen.

My face has turned green. Green. I looked in a mirror and couldn’t see it, but I grabbed all my unsuspecting colleagues as they walked past and sure enough, each and everyone verified that the skin around my eye sockets had in fact turned green. I was Hulking out. In a panic and unsure what had happened, I grabbed some hand towels and started scrubbing at my face until it had gone. Which it did. For an hour. And then I’m back to being Bruce Banner again.

A bit of research later, and apparently it’s quite common for this colour of cosmetic to do this when you perspire? I’m absolutely gutted because I had so much love for this product in the early days, and now I can only ever wear it in places where I’m guaranteed to not get sweaty…

I’m going to keep hold of this Miracle Veil, because I adore the finish it gives, and I’m hoping and praying that the Hulk out was a one off. I’ll keep testing and will keep you guys in the loop!

Have you ever had a product turn you green?! Is there any way around it?

Love Hannah ♥


The bareMinerals Miracle Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder can be found at Debenhams here.