Smashbox Art. Love. Colour. Palettes | Review

smashbox art love colour front
smashbox art love colour back

Throughout 2015, I fell out of love with eyeshadow. I found that I was struggling to find shadows that were easy to blend, lasted longer than 20 minutes or simply just suited me. So, during my Boxing Day online shopping spree, I stumbled on to Smashbox, and found these babies. For £22.99, you get 3 ART.LOVE.COLOUR palettes, each on containing two smokey eye looks and a corresponding blusher.

smashbox art love colour palette 1
smashbox art love colour palette 1 swatches

The palettes don’t actually have individual names, but the first one I picked out of the box was this smokey neutral/taupe palette. This palette has been my go-to choice, because the shades are just so wearable. The shades it includes are;

Marzipan – matter – pale peach
Nude – matte- caramel beige
Java – matte – dark warm brown
Flirt – shimmer – champagne
Bittersweet – shimmer – smokey taupe
Dark Cocoa – matte – very dark, cool toned brown
Flush –  matte – dark coral blush

smashbox art love colour 2
smashbox art love colour palette 2 swatches

Next up is this quirky pinks and purples palette. The colours are;

Babycakes – shimmer – baby pink
Drizzle – matte – smokey lilac
Royal – matte – regal, dark purple
Lavender, a silver shimmery lilac,
Orchid – shimmer – dark purple-taupe
Royal Marine – slight shimmer – deep navy blue
Passion – matte – darker dusky pink

smashbox art love colour palette 3

smashbox art love colour palette 3 swatches

Lastly is the palette I like to call Neutral 2.0. These are all neutral shades, but they’re so unusual and spectacular that they’re just so much better than neutrals.The colours are;

Luster – shimmer – pale orange-pink
Oxidize – shimmer/foiled – deep rose gold
Chianti – glitter – red wine with gold glitter
Nectar – matte – soft peach
Cinnamon Toast – shimmer – classic golf
Roast – slight shimmer – dark coffee with gold shimmer
Sunset – matte – an orange-brown blush

Now, the colour selection is beautiful, that is evident, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of these eyeshadows that I don’t believe I used anything else since they arrived. For some reason, I’ve been using these without a base, and they still last a good 8 hours before they start to fade or budge. I love me a good smokey eye, and these are so smooth and buttery that it only takes about 5 minutes to create a flawless eye look. Each swatch above is just one swipe, so the pigmentation is really top notch.

The packaging is beautiful. Each palette comes in sleek, black hard plastic packaging, with the names of each shadow on the back and a decent sized mirror to help with application. They’re small, so they’re perfect for travelling and I will definitely be taking one of these with me when I go away in February!

I think I’ve been converted to Smashbox eyeshadows. I know own 5 Smashbox palettes, and they really do just stand out above the rest of my eyeshadow collection. I’m not sure if these are sold out now, but if you come across them, or are mulling over any Smashbox eye palette, I’d just like to say do it. The quality and colours are so worth it, and I love to be an enabler!


Do you have any favourite eyeshadow brands? What do you think of Smashbox eyeshadows? Let me know below!