Lipstick Focus | Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro | Drugstore Gem?

Iconic Pro Makeup revolution lipstick blinfold looking ahead duel matte

iconic pro makeup revolution blindfold duel matte looking ahead swatches

So, I jumped on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon late. The Superdrug where I live is tiny and has only just started stocking MUR and so without placing an order online (I like swatching before I buy!), I had to rely on going in to Chester or Manchester to pick anything up. At first I wasn’t massively overwhelmed with the range, but after a couple of months they expanded so much and I couldn’t help myself.

I picked these up in my latest “shopping trip” ie. I was off work sick and tripped on to the Superdrug website (whoops.) I saw the packaging on these and the size of the rang and had to pick some up. The packaging is very stylish, similar to Mac, but lighter and with gold hardware.

The colours I picked up were Blindfolded, a dark blackened plum, “Rebel”-esque shade, Looking Ahead, a dark pinky nude and Duel Matte, a matte (obviously) true Hollywood Red. I was a little disappointed with Blindfolded because the picture made it look like a deep blackened red, almost like a burgundy shade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but I have a million lipsticks that look exactly like it.

The forumla doesn’t seem to be consistent across the range either. Looking Ahead doesn’t seem to last more than 2 hours on me, but Duel is very long lasting, and made it through a full day at work with minimal re-applications, through food and drink and endless coughing. I didn’t find that Duel needed a lipliner either, as it doesn’t bleed at all, and stays exactly where you want it too.

I find with lipstick that you pay for what you get, and that is definitely true with the Iconic Pro range – or what I’ve tried of it really. For the price tag of £2.49, these lipsticks are wonderful, but I can’t help but feel that the matte versions in the range are slightly more superior in quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love that a drugstore brand has finally come out with a durable matter lipstick, and at such a goo dprice point, but the matte side of the range isn’t massive.

All in all, this gets a 3.5/5 from me. I love the colours and the matte formula is dreamy, just every so slightly let down by the lasting power of the regular formula.

Has anyone else tried these lipsticks? Let me know what you think!